Many businesses are struggling and worried about what all this social distancing and closures will mean for their bottom line.

There are things you can do to ensure that you as a business owner continue with growth during this time of crisis. 


  1. Go Digital!
    1. If you are not currently on social media, google business, or have a website – GET ONLINE NOW! If you are online you can still promote and sell your products even without customers/clients walking through your door.


  1. Consider offering Digital Appointments
    1. If you sell products – do a live sale. 
      1. Customer interaction and sales can continue with people shopping from home. People still need products and many will have extra time and desire to learn more about what you sell. Talk to them digitally, like through a chat program, to give them a social connection and you some support for your bottom line!
    2. If you meet with clients to sell your products offer digital appointments.
      1. Customers practicing social distancing still need your help. Allow them to set a time to communicate with you directly, but digitally. Platforms such as Zoom and Skype allow you to share screens and talk as if you were in the same room. 


  1. Still Open?
    1. If your business is still open as always post about it online! Share what measures you are taking to ensure the health of your staff and customers so that people will be encouraged to stop by. 
    2. Even if your doors aren’t open – GO DIGITAL! You never know what sales you are missing by limiting your business to face-to-face.


  1. Come up with something fun!
    1. Use this time to share your message, create a fun interaction with others online, and promote your business in a creative and interesting way.
      1. Offer online classes, start a contest, post about why you created your business. Take some time to emotionally connect with your customers so that they will want to buy from you after all this is over.


  1. Try to be positive.
    1. So many people are searching their social media feeds for positivity right now. There is so much stress and fear that one positive post can make a real impact and stick with your customers. 
    2. Don’t be insensitive to what is going on. Make sure you aren’t posting things that bash other industries or professions. 
    3. Use this time to thank your customers for choosing you and share how much you appreciate them. Thank your janitorial staff for helping ensure the health and safety of your staff/customers.. Whatever you can share that has a positive spin will be noticed in a feed of negativity. 
    4. If your business can help people stay safe and healthy, share how! Now is the time. 


If you are looking to be found online, but don’t have the time or the know-how, we can help! Fuze7 Marketing is still in full operation and here to help your business succeed.